Our mission at Landmine Free Artsakh (LFA) is to generate awareness about landmine problems in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and to help raise money to completely de-mine all villages, one village at a time! These villages are located in the Lachin, Hadrut and Martuni regions where no international grants or funds can be secured. Without private funding these minefields may never be cleared. 

Who We Are

We are a group of concerned Armenians who have volunteered to help the HALO Trust, an international mine-clearing organization based in the UK, clear all remaining land mines and unexploded ordnance from Artsakh. With your help explosive remnants of war will be cleared and rural communities can overcome poverty by safely farming their land and rebuilding infrastructure.

About Nagorno Karabakh

The breathtaking nature of Artshakh captures your heart and soul and invites you to explore more, but wandering off in the prairie land and hills is extremely dangerous. We have visited each corner of Artsakh, have seen de-mining teams in action and listened to the heart-breaking stories of injured villagers.

Where the seeds of war have been sown, nothing grows. 

Artsakh has among the highest per capita mines and unexploded ordnance civilian casualty rates in the world and one third of these victims are children.  Beyond the physical danger, mines and cluster bombs cripple the economy by denying farmers the use of their land.We decided to take action by making sure our community is aware of the facts.  Many do not know that every year there are civilian casualties in Artsakh. In 2014, there were 9 accidents resulting in two deaths and two amputations. 

The casualty rates from 2014 according to the Landmine Monitor:

NK 9 w/ 146,000 people .00006143344, 6.14 per 100,000

Afghanistan 1,296 w/ 33 million people .00003862891, 3.86 per 100,000

Cambodia 111 w/ 15 million people .00000733157, 0.733 per 100,000

Our Work

Since 2010, Landmine Free Artsakh volunteers have successfully raised $61,000, clearing four villages and directly benefiting 371 families. As a result, 3500 villagers can now safely work their farmlands supporting their families. With your help we can remove more of this dangerous hazard from the area one village at a time.